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There is no doubt that puppies rule….our hearts. For healthy, happy puppies rely on registered breeders you can trust!




Waco/Nala Puppies Arrived September 13, 2016

7 Males and 1 female. Taking deposits now! Go home date November 8th





Waco/Minerva Puppies Arrived April 9, 2016

6 Males and 2 females, all solid black. Taking deposits now! Go home date June 4th




What to look for when buying a German Shepherd Puppy



When is a German Shepherd not a German Shepherd?

German Shepherds are WORKING dogs, for too long breeders have diluted the quality of the breed.  There has been breeding of any two dogs with AKC papers without regard to mental and physical health.

When looking for puppies, you should see BOTH parents and be able to see confident stable physically strong dogs.  (see breed description on the Shepherds page ) At the very least you should insist on seeing hip certifications on both parents.  Both parents should be OFA APPROVED.

DO NOT BUY PUPPIES THAT DO NOT MEET THESE STANDARDS!!  Bad hips have given the German Shepherd a bad name.  DO NOT support breeders that don’t have these standards, and NEVER take a breeders word!  Insist on documents!


Our first snow!!!!!

I love the snow!!!!


“Elsa Florence Vom Diamond” Look mom my ears are up!!

We love playing in the snow!!