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Budge (Butch) is a very powerful green Waco/Nala male. Striking decoy hard, with calm full grips after only two short sessions. Strong food and very strong ball and hunt drives would make him a candidate for duel purpose or sport dog. Experienced handlers only! $6,000 Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.



Budge (Butch) vom Diamond





















Gidgit is a 3 year old petite ball of energy, very strong, athletic female. She loves nose work and would make an excellent S&R dog or active family pet. $3500-  Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.










Phoebe is a 1 year old beautiful sable female. She is very energetic and social. House broken and has basic obedience. $750 OBO-  Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.











Zena is a stunning solid black medium bone female.  She is very social and outgoing and is super athletic tackling obstacles easily and fearlessly.  Zena has good solid drives always ready to work or go on an adventure.  Waco/Nala female, $2,500.  Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.

DOB- 5/23/2015


Zena vom Diamond





















JJ Vom Diamond- JJ is a big 90 lb bundle of fun! He is super social and athletic at home, in downtown NYC or climbing a mountain in the middle of Alaska.  Great handler focus, super strong food and ball drive.  The perfect dog for the person that wants to take their dog everywhere and do anything! JJ has the genetics and disposition to be a stable “protection” dog.  Waco/Nala male. $4,500.00. Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.


JJ Vom Diamond- DOB-7/15/18














Loki Vom Diamond- Waco/Nala male. $3,500.00- Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.


Loki Vom Diamond









Magic Vom Diamond- Magic is very friendly and out going.  He is medium boned and environmentally rock solid. Magic is crate trained and has basic obedience.  Mikko/Zena male.  $3,800.00 Call Dean for details. 301-639-6631                                                                                                   


Magic Vom Diamond- DOB 4/7/2019









Mystic Vom Diamond- Mystic is very sweet solidly stable female.  She loves to play,  play, play! Mystic gets along great with other dogs and people. She has very good food and ball drive which will make her training very easy.  Mikko/Zena female. $3,500.00. Call Dean for details 301-639-6631                                                                                                                   


Mystic Vom Diamond- DOB-4/7/2019









Mikko Vom Diamond-  Mikko is medium boned and is ABSOLUTELY stunning! He is very athletic and turns heads everywhere he goes! Waco/Minerva male. $4,500.00. Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.

Mikko vom Diamond- DOB 9/11/2017










Ninja Vom Diamond- Waco/Minerva female. $3,000.00. Call Dean for more details 301-639-6631.


Ninja Vom Diamond- DOB- 6/02/2019











Ori is a very outgoing playful Malinois. He is high energy and would be perfect for someone who lives an active lifestyle (running, hiking, sports).  $1000.00 call Dean for more details- 301-639-6631




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